Watch Forex Lesson One Video - A free Forex Tutorial!*

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(this video is not mine, but is such a good beginners video for future Forex users, I decided to post he video)

This Forex Video lesson / free forex tutorial is approx. 49 minutes

Market Traders Institute is proud to offer free this Forex training video, at no charge, Lesson One of sixteen, is an excellent beginner's forex tutorial.

The CEO, President and founder of MTI, Jared Martinez, teaches the ins and outs of the Foreign Currency Exchange Market. There is absolutely no cost.

This Instructional video is so informative and we are sure you will want to continue your education with us.

*This lesson / free forex tutorial is approx. 49 minutes. You will be asked to complete a survey to continue viewing the second half. By completing the form you agree you will not offer for sale, reproduce or give this foreign currency exchange instructional video to any other individual or firm.

Before you watch this Free Forex educational course, ask yourself:

What are you looking for?
Why did you come to this site?
source for the post: site

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Forex: The Keep It Simple Stupid Guide

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source: Jim Wilson

A wonderful way to diversify your investment portfolio is to learn forex trading. Many new investors have discovered the world of foreign exchange trading to be an exciting new challenge. One that is filled with rewards that are beyond what they were achieving as stock traders. Currency forex trading is a great way to branch out into new investments. Experience a completely new world of investing by stepping outside of the chaotic domestic economy.

The unique thing about the forex market is that it never closes, if you feel like trading at 2am it's not a problem. Unlike with other markets, such as the stock exchange, you can continue dealing with the currency trading market without worries over it closing at the end of the day. Websites give you 24-hour access to monitor what has been happening in the world currency markets at anytime. Through these sites you are able to learn all the basics about the market.

The websites will include tools and tips to guide you through the beginning steps of trading. This is a clear advantage because you can hone your trading skills before laying down your own money in the market.

When you think of it, the forex firms are training you to become skilled at trading for free by providing guidance, demos and news at no additonal cost. In a short while you will start feeling confident in trading and investing in forex. It only takes about $300 to start getting some good returns.

Learning forex does not require that you have a degree in economics or that you study the markets for years. The forex trading websites have made it easier for you to become successful. Forex brokers will give you access to the market for your currency trading.

Just like stock brokers, they can provide you accurate information and advice on how to deal with Forex trading strategies. Advice includes all the aspects of the Forex trading market which extends to research approaches and technical analysis to improve the member�s trading performance. Naturally, because this market has apparently been providing a great return on investment, large financial institutions have been proactively monopolizing the market.

However, with the trading firms, small-time individuals also have the opportunity to earn money through Forex trading brokers. As I mentioned earlier, the online firms have been providing powerful website tools to become familiar with the whole idea of the currency market.

Your choice of Forex trading broker will largely depend on your need in the trading market. Many brokerage sites will provide trading simulators and expert advice as well as research and analysis designed for first time traders. Furthermore, these websites typically provide experienced online Forex traders who offer in-depth advice to forex traders of all levels. All of these tools are available to beginners to try out.

You really can earn money by taking the time to learn forex trading. The availability of investment simulators and 24-hour customer support enables new investors to learn quickly. Not only can you be trading in no time, you will also be showing a tidy profit. Start researching forex trading. You might be shocked to see how many large companies are involved.

Currency Exchange Terms Every Forex Trader Should Know

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Before jumping into the forex market, you need to arm yourself with some terminology that will be used in any course or software on this subject. The following set of terms were put together with the idea of providing the novice forex trader with the fundamental concepts of the forex trading business. While they sound technical, most are easy to understand and apply.

Let us begin with the instruments that are traded in the forex markets. Currencies are traded in pairs so the instrument will always be in this double denomination. The reason for this is simple; the basis of forex currency trading is to exchange one currency for another. So if the pair is the Euro and the US Dollar, and the forex trader is taking a long position or buying the Euro in hopes that it will appreciate, effectively the trader is also selling US Dollars to buy the Euros. The most widely traded pairs are the Great Britain Pound and the US Dollar (indicated as GBP/USD), the Euro and the US Dollar (the EUR/USD pair), the Aussie Dollar and the US Dollar (AUD/USD pair), the USD and the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY pair), and the Canadian Dollar and the USD (USD/CAD pair). These pairs account for well over 80% of the total volume of the trading in the forex market. The advantage to trading in these currency pairs is that they are highly liquid and allow the investor to convert their portfolio to cash very quickly to realize a profit.

In every pair, the first currency is called the base currency, over which the second one is countered to imply the price of the pair, or commonly referred to as the "cross currency". The second is therefore called the quote currency and the pair price is recorded in terms of the units of the quote currency required to buy one unit of the base currency. Thus, assuming the price of the GBP/USD pair is 1.5, this implies that 1.5 USD will buy 1 GBP.

Every pair is quoted in terms of a bid ask spread. The bid price is the rate at which your forex broker bids to buy the currency at, while the ask price is the rate the forex broker is asking to sell the currency to the forex trader. The bid price will always be less than the ask price and the forex trader will buy at the ask price and sell at the bid price. The bid ask price will be quoted as: GBP/USD 1.532/5, meaning the bid price is 1.532 and the ask price is 1.535.

A pip price interest point), as it is commonly called, is the smallest incremental change a currency pair will experience, for instance, a change in the GBP/USD price from 1.532 to 1.542 is a change of 10 pips. A trading margin is a deposit which is a minimum amount or a small percentage of your traded amount that you have to put up. The remaining amount is supplied by your broker. This amount can vary from 1% to 0.25%, also referred to as 100:1 and 400:1. Most often, forex brokers will offer 100:1 or 200:1 to most clients. This is risky but enables the trader to leverage a large amount that he or she would not otherwise have access to.

Finally, a margin call can happen when the forex trader allows the balance in the trading account to go below the margin deposit percentage agreed upon with the forex broker. The broker will automatically sell your long positions or buy your short positions and clear the entire trading account, returning the margin amount to the trader to protect the trader from losing more money than they have.

source: Andrew Daigle

How geek are you ?

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perhaps you are a forex geek, a star wars one or a linux basement guy, find out what percentage of gueekiness lies inside you, may the force be with you !

63% Geek

Recommended Forex Books

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Here are some Forex books I recommend you to read, Ill be talking more about forex at my blog really soon because its a subject that I have been studying for the past few months, I have started to see some results has I start to swim inside the forex sea. Forex Can really make a difference in your life, there are lots of people making a load of money with forex, but if you are a beginner forex wannabe like me your should start with these forex books:

Trading in the Global Currency Markets

by Cornelius Luca
Book Info
Text brings the complex machinations of the foreign currency markets to life, clearly and concisely analyzing the various currencies, market forces, and emerging technologies, and illuminating them with real-world examples and graphics.

Beat the Odds in Forex Trading: How to Identify and Profit from High Percentage Market Patterns
by I. R. Toshchakov
Book Info
Add certainty and systematization into Forex trading with this practical approach. Author and industry professional Igor Toshchakov shows how recurring market patterns--which can be recognized on a simple bar chart--can be successfully used to trade the Forex market. Written for traders at every level, this valuable resource discusses the challenges of developing a trading method, while revealing the Toshchakov's approach to the market--both from a philosophical and tactical point of view. You'll discover specific trading strategies based on recognizable market patterns, get detailed information on entry and exit points, profit targets, stop losses, risk evaluation, and much more.

Adventures of a Currency Trader
by Rob Booker
Book Info
Funny, entertaining, and, above all, educational, Adventures of a Currency Trader demonstrates exactly what it takes to capitalize on today's volatile and potentially profitable foreign exchange markets. Told through the eyes of a fictional character by the name of Harry Banes—an aspiring trader who works as a filing clerk in a busy New York law firm—Adventures of a Currency Trader explains in a powerful and compelling manner how you can implement a consistent trading approach in the foreign currency market and become a financially independent currency trader in the process.

The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes
by Mark Douglas
Book Info
This work aims to help traders learn the critical behaviours necessary in responding to market conditions and opportunities. The author - an experienced commodities trader - has considered and confronted the problems he experienced in trading.

Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably
by Steven W. Poser
Book Info
"I have always found Elliott Wave difficult to understand and more difficult to apply, but finally Steve Poser has written a book that makes sense and is born from real experience. This is not Elliott made easy but Elliott that makes sense. Hats off to Poser for creating the book the marketplace has needed for so long."
Bruce M. Kamich, CMT Adjunct Professor of Finance at Baruch College and Rutgers University

Technical Analysis Applications In The Global Currency Markets Second Edition
by Cornelius Luca
Book Info
A comprehensive guide to the foreign currency market showing beginners and experienced traders how to use technical analysis to cash in on opportunities. The enclosed CD-ROM contains a software software demonstration program to test the methods in the text and apply them to real trading.

Want something better then all these forex books? check out these forex videos !

PayDotCom Letter

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Update Flavor for Google

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Something that many webmasters forget, is something that also sends your site to the road of down away rankings, whats this afterall? UPDATES, yep, google loves it, and its one of the over looked factors on high search engine rankings, the more you update and ping, the more the googglebot will spider your site, indexing new stuff and updating old, this will score you higher on the search engine.

Search engnines like new and freshy reliable content, but remember to update only when its logical, dont change the entire content of you website in a row! keep the theme, update daily, youll see the results faster then you think !

lotus flower pictures

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lotus flower pic

The amazing lotus flower, this is a post about this amazing and mystical flower, rare and beatifull.
Here you will find pictures of this flower, a flower with history, and its such an amazing history the one of the lotus flower.
There is also a cool lotus video about the flower, and some picture gallery of the lotus flower pictures.

If youre a fan of the lotus flower, then this post is for you, if youre not, you'll soon be converted to the "lotus side", just continue on reading ;)

Source wiki pedia, for Lotus Flower , this is a bried but good and explanetory text:

"Nelumbo nucifera is known by a number of common names, including blue lotus, Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, and sacred water-lily. Botanically, Nelumbo nucifera (Gaertn.) may also be referred to by its former names, Nelumbium speciosum (Wild.) or Nymphaea nelumbo. This plant is an aquatic perennial, but if its seeds are preserved under favorable circumstances, they may remain viable for many years.

In Ancient Egypt, Nelumbo nucifera was unknown, being introduced only at the time of the Persian invasions, late in ancient Egyptian history. The ancient Egyptians venerated the blue water-lily, Nymphaea caerulea, which was sometimes known as the "blue lotus" or "sacred lotus".

N. nucifera was native to a huge area from modern Vietnam to Afghanistan, being spread widely as an ornamental and food plant. In 1787 it was first brought into horticulture in Western Europe as a stove-house water-lily under the patronage of Joseph Banks and can be seen in botanical garden collections where heating is provided. Today it is rare or extinct in the wild in Africa but widely naturalized in southern Asia and Australia, where it is commonly cultivated in water gardens. It is the National Flower of India and Vietnam."

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Proteales
Family: Nelumbonaceae
Genus: Nelumbo
Species: N. nucifera

Pictures , Photos and Videos of the Lotus Flower:

lotus flower pic
lotus flower pic

Google lotus

Jewels with lotus flower theme

Time to Relax

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Play a little sudoku...relax...

Lie Detection

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In business's, has in life, people often get lied to, even if it is only on a need to know basis, it happens, but do you know that you can EASILY tell if someone is lying to you, even if youre not even listening to what they say, no one can escape this, body language never lies, and you can learn how to detect liers in less then 60 seconds, it0s Idiot proff, anyone can learn this cool tricks, and its always usefull, you can catch any lier with this techniks, Want to learn the secret, Click Here!

Good ClickBank Programs

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Here is a video about good clickbank programs to promote, thats what Ive been doing lately after vacation, so Im sorry for my absence, hopefully I'll get back to blogging soon, I'll also be mainly posting about clickbank, so if you dont know whats clickbank...believe me...YOU HAVE TO KNOW !!

I seriously recommend you to visit this page to start! (like i did ;) )

If you already know whats clickbank...heres the video that gotten my attention into it (not my video neithwr my voice)

Hope to see some feedback from you readers on this one, thanks guys ;)

High Paying Adsense Keywords

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Please note that regional differences exist with the results from the Google Adsense network depending from your viewers location. The values may differ regionally. Its always recommended to do the research yourself.

Tip of the Day: Effective Referral Links

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Web surfers have become familiar with affiliate links. Many web surfers prefer not clicking affiliate links. Its a nice idea to make it harder for newbies to know that the link is an affiliate link. Smart bloggers & webmasters use techniques to cloak the Referral links to increase CTR.

There are many ways to hide affiliate links. The most common way is by using apache redirect.

For Ex: If i need to create a redirect for my text link ads affiliate link.

I will copy this code into .htaccess file located in website root directory.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^/?bidvertiser/?$ [R,L,NC]

Now my website URL , will redirect visitors to

PHP Redirect:

You can also use PHP redirect. Create a new file named affiliate.php with following code in it.

Now you simply link to the file from your webpages and your visitors will be redirected to your affiliate link.

By using one of these techniques Your referral CTR will go up and you will start making more money from referrals.

Learn More about MyBlogLog

. domingo, julho 08, 2007
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Hi, there, if you blog, you probably know what's MyBlogLog, you can probably see it to the right of this post (a rectangle announcing recent readers with some happy faces), it's basicly a community for people that own a Blog join and create communitys as well as making some new contacts and finding related blogs, apperantly they are hiring new people and they made a cool you-tube video, where you can see their original team and founders "face-to-face", learn more about what makes them vibe, maybe it can inspire you ? I hope so ;)

Tip of the Day: Make more then 50$ in an hour, 100% Guaranteed

. quinta-feira, julho 05, 2007
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Ok, Treasure Trooper is a mix of survey with paid offers site, Im gonna explain step by step how we are gonna make this happen:

1- First, make a new email adress, chances are youll get this mail adress full of spam, I recommend bluebottle, go to bluebottle and signup for a free account (remember that most of the offers we are gonna signup next will end up in the pending/spam/trash folder.

2- Signup at tresure trooper - click here

3- Login, and in you members area, go to "cash offers"

4- In the category search, select "100% free" offers, this means theyre totally free, no credit cards, no extra information, no nothing ! you do it, you get paid !

5- There are more then 250 offers in the 100% free category, each one ranking from 0.50 dollars to 5 dollars, do the math....(this actually makes you much more then 50$)

ps: if youre not from Canada, Uk or Usa, youll probably have to go trough all the cashoffers and youll only find aroun 30 or 40 available to your country, still, those are enough the 50$.

6- Complete the offers, go back to cashoffers selection and press "Done"

7- This will put your completed offer on pending veryfication (this can take a couple of days)
you can confirm that the offer you just did is in pending verification, if you go to your "tresure" in the user cpanel, and click on pending offers.

pending offers may take from 1 hour to 3-5 days to validate, if it takes longer then 5 days,
do the offer again, this happened to me in 3 different offers, after redoing them I got the
payment, although this is very rare to happen.

ps: clean your browser cookies between offers you complete, this makes for faster verification.

8- When do you get paid ? You arent from America ? lets read their FAQ...

minimum payout is low, just 20$, seams Like I just told you one of the best ways to make money online!! hehe, who's your buddy ;)

any aditional question, they have a forum (you can find the link pretty easily in theyre home page) wich has thousands of users, and all of them were always paid, they even show pictures of their checks....or you can ask me here at my blog, so what you waiting for ?

liked the article ? link back to my blog, thanks =)

ps: after you complete the offers you must go to the place where you choosed the offer from and click the "done" button, so they can validate the offer, also, use your treasure trooper email and username , for the cash offers you signup.

ps2: go trought the 250+ offers and see wich ones are available, many are only for america, and ok, Im portuguese and i found 32, those were enough to reach the 20$ min payout.

ps3: VERY IMPORTANT -> if you are from america or canada or uk, you have a daily survey of 75 cents that you should do everyday, this survey alone is enough to make you reach payout everymonth!

Tip of the Day: Your own Blog Botton

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Bloggers are the responsible generation for those little pieces of art called, "BLOG button", wich is nothing but a bunch of pixelated..well..pixels !
You want a blog button? just for the fun of it or to exchange blog advertising with another buddy blogger ? heres a cool way to do one like mines:

1. you go here at blogfux button maker.

2. you save the image and upload it somewhere.

3. use this code to get the button linking, just replace the image and blog adresses to your own image and blog adress:

<a href="">
<img src="" /></a>

and youll get something like this:

I hope you like this Tip Of the day, and if you did, use the code above and past it at your site or blog so you can help my blog get a little more exposure, if you do, let me know, and Ill to the same, Jmus ;)

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a web statistic tool. Unfortunatly, it wasnt so easy to understand, but Google decided to create a fantastic (what ?)...guess ? --->

new version of Google Analytics!

The new Google Analytics will have a better interface and allow greater customization and collaboration.

Google Analytics new version

Some of the new improvements that come along:

Email reports — Personalized reports sent by email and export as .pdf
Custom Dashboards — Create your own customed dashboard with the information you need. It can be emailed to others too.
Trend and Date Slider — Compare time periods and select date ranges without losing sight of long term trends.
Contextual help tips
— make reports easier to read and understand.

Here youll find a video tour and feature tour of the new version of Google Analytics, expect it to be active over the next couple of weeks.

Not a Google Analytics member yet? Free sign up here.

Tip of the Day: Favicon In 5 easy steps

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So you noticed that in the firefox tabs, or in your favorites folder, that some websites have a small icon before the http://w......., well, thats called a FAVICON, and a favicon really is the cherry on top of any professional site, looks cool and helps to distinguish your site/blog from the others, its your personal touch.

Like my favicon, wich is a 3d feed chiclet, the same used on my Blog header =) enough talk, lets get dirty:
1. You need the a personal favico icon, it must be 16x16 pixels in size, and stored has a .png or .ico
2. You can draw it anywhere, even in paint, this site will turn your image in to a .ico image.
3. You store your icon somewhere on the net, I can do this for you, I can even make your favico if you want, FREE, just comment here if you want my help, in exchange I would only like a link from your website to my Blog (although not required)
4.You go to your blogger/blogspot blog, you go to the are where you can edit your HTML template (its easy to find), and right bellow the <head/> tag , you past this to lines:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/>
<link rel="icon" href="" />

(the http:// adress must point to where you uploaded your favicon.ico)

5.You save your changes and....youre now have a FAVICON !!! cheers ;)

Like my blog ? Was it usefull ? Link back to it =)

Tip of the Day: Adsense Blogger Hack

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How to add adsense between posts

One should guess, and guess very much right, that adsense between posts fetch more clicks than those not near the posts.At least thats what blogging big boys say.Here is the perfect guide on how to do it at tips-for-new-bloggers.

More tips to come, stay tunned...or blogged..or whatever...but stay =)


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myLot User Profile

myLot is a very good place to freely advertise your blog and your blog posts, while making money with it, Its also a really big (10,000pps) community where you get paid to post and to reply to other people posts, I ighly recommend it!

got there!

Paid Blogging Website - PayperPost

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How do I Make Money with Sponsored Blogging websites?

Its actually fairly simple. Start by signing up with the sponsored blogging network, register your blog/blogs. After your blog is approved (usually takes a few days), go trought their marketplace or wait for blogging offers to arrive at your email inbox or site dashboard.
When you decide to take up a specific offer, write a blog post according to the instructions given.
Publish the post and inform the blog network of the page URL. This is usually done through a user interface after you’ve logged into the network.
After your post is approved, you’ll receive payment according to the stipulated time frame. You can earn around $5 to $500+ for one single blog post, depending on the popularity, size and niche of your blog.

1. PayperPost:

The largest sponsored blogging network, Payperpost offers the greatest amount of offers and has a vibrant community of bloggers who support each other through a forum. If you only want to sign up for one paid blogging network, I would highly recommend using PayPerPost above all the others.


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The new Apple gadget has sold out the day it was put to sell, even at the internet, a few hours it was realeased you could already see it being sold at ebay for 3,500$.....and to think it was put to sell in stores for just 600.

Also, Steve Jobs wants to run for Santa for sure, he's gonna spend 10,06 million dollars on....... giving a Top iPhone of 8gb to each one of Apple's employees.

Something for us all to learn, next time something hot is coming out buy 2 or 3 .. let it sold out, make 200- to -300% profit on ebay selling it, you just need to know what people really want.

Hail to the king...Apple's there on the top!

Sell your DNA for $5,000

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Well....this Blog is about money making right ? You want 5,000 ?
You can now sell your DNA for $5,000

It looks like you can now sell your DNA for at least $5,000 on the site . The company purchasing it is New Line Genetics , and they say they'll use it for obtaining stem cells, and then growing them into replacement organs in the lab.

Im going to, despite I need to think about it in the etical point of view..I mean..they can clone me with my Dna, 5,000$ Is a lot of money, enough for me to sustain myself almost one year.

PS: dont fall for this they are just adenses sites, this is a bunch of crap but was a very good hilarious ideia =)

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Technorati Profile is the "google" of blogs, if you have a Blog you should join them has it can bring you more visibility to your blog, its also a very good way to check on you competitors, make friends and learn a thing or 2 in overall, is a good example of a web 2.0 website.

Building your Downline

. domingo, julho 01, 2007
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Is it a Paid to click site, a PTR site or anything else, you need a big working downline to push things forward, and thats an universal truth that everyone agrees, strenght is in the numbers !

I've scouted the net and tried many 100% free downline builders, for those, I have found 3 that do the job right, I hope you like them, Im sure youll be satisfied if you give them a try.

2. StarReferrals
3. MarketingPond

This dowline builders consist in setting you up a page where you announce all your programs where you need referrals, or in referral swap, where you earn referral points that are converted to real referrals.
Those referral points can be earn by clicking ads or by referral swaping, by joining other programs under another member and in exchange he joins yours.

These sites will really make a difference building your downline! 100% guaranteed by my experience in them.

Generate free traffic and referrals - build your opt in list!

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If you are part of a program or selling a product, you are most likely in need of referrals or trying to generate traffic to your site...or losing money and time advertising, but there is another way !

They're called opt in lists, those are email lists where you receive emails from other members and send email back to them, FREE

Its on of the best ways of advertising on the internet, and for you I would recomend list bandit, - there is a video here you should see, its just some seconds but explains much better how list bandit works, also you can use that link to join list bandit.

ListBandit has helped me generate traffic to my blog , I REALLY recommend it to anyone, and its very easy to use.

go there

Marketing Pond

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This link goes to a small page with a great selection of the best paying programs around, just take a glimpse at it to see if you find anything you like (you probably will).
Also, you can be the owner of one page like this, for that matter, theres also a
link in the page, on top and bottom of it, that can take you to Marketing Pond website
where you can get a page like this , check it out ;)


Feed Burner

. sábado, junho 30, 2007
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my blog is now full fledeged syndicated by feedBurner, subscribe to my feeds trough the site, the chiclet or even email, so you can get up to date news of whats going on in here =)

PPC ADs publishing

. sexta-feira, junho 29, 2007
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2 ppc advertising programs for publishers and advertiseres, just like google:

Show text-ads on your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.

and Adbrite

Swim or Sink ?

. terça-feira, junho 26, 2007
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Do you swim or do you sink? Try marketing pond has your free downline/referral builder.

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CashCrate Review

. sábado, junho 23, 2007
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Hello and welcome to my CashCrate blog.

Below is a description about a GPT program called CashCrate. CashCrate is a program that pays for completing surveys and offers. It is one of the most known and best paying of it's kind.

Is CashCrate a scam?
No, CashCrate is not a scam. Once you join, you have access to their forum, where you can see hundreds of payment proofs from users getting from $100 to $500+ each month!

If you want to join CashCrate right away, then click here, if you'd like to know more about CashCrate before joining, then read the review below, it will guide you through the whole CashCrate system!


Once you sign up with CashCrate, you'll see a list of hundreds of offers and surveys to complete. On the top of the list, there's a sort box, and three tabs. You can choose to do offers to get money (Cash Offers), points (Point Offers) or complete the Daily Survey. If you want to get points, to then exchange them with items in their Prize Shop, click the Point Offers tab, and complete the offers that list below. If you want to make money, I suggest you first complete the Daily Survey every day, which will get you an extra $24 each month (30 x $0.80). Now let's start with the Cash Offers, which will get you most of your money.

Select the CashOffers tab, select the Show to "100% Free", Sort by to "Rating" and press Go!

CashCrate offers and surveys

Now you have a list of free offers ready to be completed. You have a link to the offer, an offer's description, it's value, and a Submit button. Start by clicking on the offer's link, and doing what the offer's description says. Once you've done what it's needed to complete the offer, click the submit button, so the system moves the offer to your pending list. A pending list is a list with offers that wait to be verified by CashCrate staff. Once they verify that you completed the survey/offer, they'll credit you with the money. You'll see how much money is in pending surveys/offers at the top of the page, under "Pending earnings". Some offers take longer to verify than others, it may take from an hour to a week or more, so just complete as much offers as you can, and they'll be eventually verified. By sorting the offers by "Rating", it should list the best offers at the top (meaning the offer is either verified very fast, or pays very good).

CashCrate referral system

Even if you can make enough money just by completing offers and surveys, CashCrate has a very good referral system available. Because the earnings from CashCrate are so high, getting even one active referral, will bring you some money. If you get enough referrals, CashCrate will higher the percentage of the earnings you get from them. Below is a table with the information about referral levels and their percentages.

Bronze - 0 Active Referrals - 20% First Level, 10% Second Level
Silver - 50 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 10% Second Level
Gold - 150 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 15% Second Level
Platinum - 300 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 15% Second Level
Elite - 500 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 20% Second Level

You can see your current referral statistics by clicking on the "Referral Info" link on the top, once you are logged in their system.

CashCrate's referral system also offers a messaging system, which can be used to message your downline referrals or the user who referred you. If you sign up by clicking a link from this website, it means I'll be the one who referred you, so you'll be able to message me by using their system, and ask me anthing you want, I'll be happy to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CashCrate international?
Yes, CashCrate is international. But, only people from US and Canada get lots of surveys and offers to complete. If you want to join from other countries, you'll have to work on referring people from US and Canada, to get money. As I said, because the earnings from CashCrate are so high, it's not so hard to get good revenue from referrals.

Revenue possibilities and limits?
Your revenue possibilities and limits are endless. The more time you put in it, more money you'll make. For reaching a high payout every month, I suggest you complete the Daily Survey every day, complete as much offers per day as you can, and refer as much people as you can to join the program under you.

Minimum payout?
CashCrate's minimum payout is as low as $10. You can reach the minimum payout within a day, if your offers and surveys get approved fast enough. Even if all you do is complete the Daily Survey every day, you'll get a check for $24 every month.

How many surveys/offers can I complete?
This depends on how much time you have on your hands. There are hundreds of surveys and offers to be completed, and new ones are added all the time.

What methods of payment does CashCrate support?
CashCrate supports only payment by Check, to prevent double accounts and other problems that arise by enabling paypal and other payment methods.

How do I sign up for CashCrate?
You can sign up by clicking this link: CASHCRATE

How does CashCrate look once you're logged in?


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Try IT

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1 Dollar Randomizer

. quinta-feira, junho 21, 2007
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