Sell your DNA for $5,000

. segunda-feira, julho 02, 2007
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Well....this Blog is about money making right ? You want 5,000 ?
You can now sell your DNA for $5,000

It looks like you can now sell your DNA for at least $5,000 on the site . The company purchasing it is New Line Genetics , and they say they'll use it for obtaining stem cells, and then growing them into replacement organs in the lab.

Im going to, despite I need to think about it in the etical point of view..I mean..they can clone me with my Dna, 5,000$ Is a lot of money, enough for me to sustain myself almost one year.

PS: dont fall for this they are just adenses sites, this is a bunch of crap but was a very good hilarious ideia =)

1 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Hi, can you let me know how the whole thing turns out for you? I want to know if the company is actually real or what?