Tip of the Day: Favicon In 5 easy steps

. terça-feira, julho 03, 2007
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So you noticed that in the firefox tabs, or in your favorites folder, that some websites have a small icon before the http://w......., well, thats called a FAVICON, and a favicon really is the cherry on top of any professional site, because...it looks cool and helps to distinguish your site/blog from the others, its your personal touch.

Like my favicon, wich is a 3d feed chiclet, the same used on my Blog header =) enough talk, lets get dirty:
1. You need the a personal favico icon, it must be 16x16 pixels in size, and stored has a .png or .ico
2. You can draw it anywhere, even in paint, this site will turn your image in to a .ico image.
3. You store your icon somewhere on the net, I can do this for you, I can even make your favico if you want, FREE, just comment here if you want my help, in exchange I would only like a link from your website to my Blog (although not required)
4.You go to your blogger/blogspot blog, you go to the are where you can edit your HTML template (its easy to find), and right bellow the <head/> tag , you past this to lines:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://myfavicon.com/favicon.ico"/>
<link rel="icon" href="http://myfavicon.com/favicon.ico" />

(the http:// adress must point to where you uploaded your favicon.ico)

5.You save your changes and....youre done...you now have a FAVICON !!! cheers ;)

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