Tip of the Day: Your own Blog Botton

. quinta-feira, julho 05, 2007
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Bloggers are the responsible generation for those little pieces of art called, "BLOG button", wich is nothing but a bunch of pixelated..well..pixels !
You want a blog button? just for the fun of it or to exchange blog advertising with another buddy blogger ? heres a cool way to do one like mines:

1. you go here at blogfux button maker.

2. you save the image and upload it somewhere.

3. use this code to get the button linking, just replace the image and blog adresses to your own image and blog adress:

<a href="http://gold-speculator.blogspot.com/">
<img src="http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/483/makemoneyix4.gif" /></a>

and youll get something like this:

I hope you like this Tip Of the day, and if you did, use the code above and past it at your site or blog so you can help my blog get a little more exposure, if you do, let me know, and Ill to the same, Jmus ;)