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. terça-feira, julho 03, 2007
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How do I Make Money with Sponsored Blogging websites?

Its actually fairly simple. Start by signing up with the sponsored blogging network, register your blog/blogs. After your blog is approved (usually takes a few days), go trought their marketplace or wait for blogging offers to arrive at your email inbox or site dashboard.
When you decide to take up a specific offer, write a blog post according to the instructions given.
Publish the post and inform the blog network of the page URL. This is usually done through a user interface after you’ve logged into the network.
After your post is approved, you’ll receive payment according to the stipulated time frame. You can earn around $5 to $500+ for one single blog post, depending on the popularity, size and niche of your blog.

1. PayperPost:

The largest sponsored blogging network, Payperpost offers the greatest amount of offers and has a vibrant community of bloggers who support each other through a forum. If you only want to sign up for one paid blogging network, I would highly recommend using PayPerPost above all the others.

2 comentários:

Kara disse...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I actually average about $600/month doing PPP :)

malawika disse...

Thanks for visit and kind words, Joao. This blog is really good, very informative, with a good content and fantastic design :D.

Regards, malawika.